Discover the enchanting surroundings of our property, including the picturesque streets of Monopoli, the suggestive Grotte di Castellana, the breathtaking cliffs of Polignano, the authenticity of Locorotondo, the elegance of Martina Franca, the enchantment of Ostuni and the incredible beauty of Matera. A journey through Puglia's treasures and traditions awaits you

"Let yourself be surprised..."

Explore Polignano, where the crystal clear sea hugs the cliffs and medieval streets tell ancient stories. A coastal jewel that will enchant you with its unique charm.


Explore the ancient beauty of Matera, city of the Sassi. A journey through time among fascinating dwellings carved into the rock and breathtaking views.


Explore Ostuni, the "White City" of Puglia, with its winding streets, white houses and breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. A place that enchants with its authenticity and Mediterranean beauty.